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Dental Smile

A teeth cleaning experience like no other.

Looking for next-level oral cleaning experience? Discover the power of Guided Biofilm Therapy offered at Creekside Dental.

What on earth is Guided Biofilm Therapy? How does biofilm affect my oral health?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is an innovative approach to dental cleaning that utilizes state-of-the-art technology, advanced skill, and scientific knowledge to detect and remove harmful biofilm from your mouth.

Biofilm is a complex community of bacteria that forms on teeth, gums, and other surfaces in the mouth. This bacteria is responsible for the onset of oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis and can contribute to other oral health problems. 

Experience GBT

Current research shows the goal in hygiene is to remove the biofilm, GBT uses a combination of ultrasonic technology, air-polishing, and laser fluorescence to identify, target, and safely remove bacterial plaque from even the hardest-to-reach areas of the mouth. 

A GBT cleaning session is painless and does not damage the teeth. Leaving you feeling good with an almost wellness spa-like experience while offering a range of benefits:

  • Improved gum health

  • Reduced risk of cavities and other dental problems

  • Brighter and whiter teeth

  • Fresher breath

  • Increased confidence and overall well-being

Book a Cleaning Today

Creekside Dental is one of the few Calgary dental offices that offer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) with our hygiene cleanings. Make an appointment today and experience the difference.

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